The procedure is slightly different depending on whether you attend the Magistrate’s Court or the Royal Court. 

If you attend the Magistrate’s Court to give evidence, you can request that the Magistrate authorises you to claim certain expenses incurred in travelling to and from court and for subsistence throughout the day (meals and drinks purchased). You, or your employer, may also be able to claim for lost wages or earnings up to a limit fixed in law.  

If you have incurred an expense and the Magistrate has granted permission for you to submit a claim, ask the representative of the Victims First Jersey at court for a Witness Costs Claim Form before you leave. Your claim should be supported by receipts (where claiming for subsistence and/or public or taxi travel). All claims will be subject to assessment by the Court and any payments made will be in line with the rates set out in the law.

If you attend Royal Court to give evidence you are automatically entitled to claim the expenses and should request the relevant form from the representative of Victims First Jersey at court who can provide you with a form to complete.

If you are not a resident of Jersey and are required to attend court as a witness, we will make contact with you in advance to arrange flights and accommodation.  There will be no cost to you.

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