Frequently Asked Questions

We are not a counselling service. However, Victim Advocates are trained to listen, empathise, and recognise the emotional impact that crime can have on a victim or a witness. 

To report a crime, call States Of Jersey Police on 01534 612612 or online via: States of Jersey Police - Home

We are not involved with the investigation and cannot provide updates on individual cases.

However, please speak to your Victim or Witness Advocate who will contact the Police Officer in charge of your case to request them to update you. 

If you are called to give evidence at either Magistrate or Royal Court, your Victim or Witness Advocate will be there to support you throughout that process.  

Most people who attend court dress smartly, however, it is your choice to go wearing whatever you feel comfortable.

At the end of your case, you will be spoken to by a member of our team to complete a survey about your experience. If you would like to provide feedback sooner, then please email

Once you're informed that you are required to give evidence, your Victim Advocate will send you a letter with the date and time and this document can be shown to your employee of proof of attendance. 

Your Victim Advocate will give you the detail about how you can make a claim for any loss of earnings. 

When the case is concluded in court, your Victim Advocate will tell you about the Victim Notification Scheme. This is a service that will ensure you are kept informed of any information around the prisoner’s release. 

Your allocated Victim or Witness Advocate when they first speak to you, will identify the best way for them to keep in touch. This could be via phone, email, or text.

A property officer will contact you when your items can be returned. It is usually when the case is finished. 

The Viscount’s Department will be in touch with you to arrange payment. Please speak to your Victim Advocate if you need any help with this.

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